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How to design your bespoke headboard!

The trend of bespoke headboards has become ever more popular in recent years. Largely due to technological advances, clients are increasingly keen to replicate the luxury hotel experience in their homes. Incorporating smart design into your bespoke headboard can elevate it from the simple top of the bed to a fully functional part of the room itself. Read on for our top tips to consider when designing your bespoke headboard!

1. Consider the size. In terms of the height, this will depend on the size of the room – would you like the room to look very grand, with a high headboard, or will this end up swamping the room? Some designs can incorporate a feature wall behind the headboard, to give the illusion of a larger headboard with the use of a painted design or a feature wallpaper. In terms of the width, will it be extended out from the sides of the bed, and if so how far? If it will be extended, this gives way to our next tailoring tip…

A bespoke headboard which stretches past the length of the bed to behind the bedside table, with plug sockets incorporated.

2. Integration. With technology advancing, there is now a wide array of options for integration of sockets, switches, tidies, storage & displays into your headboard. You can install wall lights & other light controls, blind or curtain controls, plug sockets for your devices, and even incorporate bedside tables into your design. Working closely with your joiner, ensure to incorporate the features that make the most sense for you, your home & your lifestyle. Do your devices need charging overnight, in which case would you require your cables handy? If so, your design can include sockets and your cables can be neatly tucked away behind a freestanding bedside table.

A bespoke headboard which stretches past the length of the bed to behind the bedside table, with wall lights incorporated.

3. Comfort. We at Q Design House are big fans of an upholstered fabric headboard. It both feels & looks soft, helping to bring out the cosy characteristics all bedrooms should have. That said in terms of cleanliness, a leather headboard could be easier to maintain, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle! When choosing your upholstery, also think about if you’d like deep upholstered padding for leaning back with some bedtime reading, or if you’d prefer to achieve this effect with an array of pillows and cushions.

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