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Our team has a wealth of experience designing and installing show homes for development properties, whether that be multi unit apartment buildings or larger property developments. We offer a range packages to suit different styles and different budgets.

Many of our pre-sales designs, particularly the bespoke and pre-designed packages, go on to be purchased by the buyer as part of the sale. Furnished properties allow the buyer to imagine a home, rather than a space, and is a proven factor in achieving higher sales value and a reduced time to sell. 




We work with developers on high-end luxury property developments to create bespoke designs which showcase the property at its best and are tailored to the target market. 

Our range of show home packages are a set of pre-designed furniture packs for purchase. These designs come with all of the quality of a bespoke design, created to work with varied property styles, but at a reduced cost and convenient for quick turnaround times.

A staged property sells, on average, at 8% more than an unstaged property. Our trusted partners will design a tailored rental package to enhance the property for sale.