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How to successfully design your teenager's bedroom!

We all remember what it was like to be a teenager – and how important it is to have your very own bedroom sanctuary. Just as your teen's tastes will grow and evolve in the long and exciting years between 13 to 18, you'll need a design which can do the same! Luckily we’ve got great experience in this area, so read on for our top tips on how to design your teen’s bedroom – making sure to include them in the process:

1. Choose a theme. Depending on your kids’ hobbies, you can choose a theme based on their likes and pastimes such as their favourite sport, colour, or even book/movie franchise. It’s important to let them lead the design theme, but also gently make sure it errs towards not being too specific. They may insist on choosing this week’s favourite trend, only to change their mind depending on trends at school the following week! Instead, choose suitable colours with enough neutral shades to support statement features like figurines and posters.

A teenager's bedroom with a desk, desk lamp, desk chair. Three shelves above with books, trinkets and photos displayed. A storage bench sits to the right with a coral-patterned scatter cushion on it. The wall has three hooks shaped like upturned dolphin tails.

2. Have a specialised desk area. While a teen’s room is their safe space, it’s very helpful to have a dedicated homework station to encourage them to study. Teens don’t want to be monitored at the kitchen table like they were as younger children, so a desk area will motivate them to get their work done while reinforcing their autonomy as they head towards adulthood. They can then also use this area for drawing, writing and indulging other hobbies.

Window seating with a wraparound benche covering 3 sides of the square area with a table in the middle. Designed for a childrens' playroom, the table has a toy bus and a puzzle on it.

3. Add a cosy seat. Teen bedrooms aren’t just for homework, but relaxing too! You can add in a bench seat, armchair or even a hanging seat, where they can cosy up with a good book, listen to music or practise a favourite hobby. Having an allotted area to do this in their own room is perfect for when they don't fancy socialising in the living room, but are definitely not ready for bed yet!

Stock photo of the Beliani hanging chair in black

4. Use display shelving, posters and artwork. This means you can start off displaying their favourite books, toys, gadgets and photos, and replace them over the years as they discover new things to become fans of, build new friendships, and evolve their own styles. Same goes for scatter cushions, rugs, throws, lamps – anything not fixed! You can get a lot of stylish items from popular high street suppliers such as H&M and Zara Home, which carry lower costs, so once they’ve been outgrown they can be repurposed for younger siblings, cousins and friends.

Pink themed child's bedroom with grey-blue scalloped headboard. Pink and red cushions are on the bed along with a pink bedspread. There is a fluted wooden bedside table with a balanced-arm lamp and clock. Little paintings hang on the wall, one large and three small.s.

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