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How to style your coffee table like a pro

This week we’re talking styling. Lucky interiors lovers will surely have been gifted a wide array of accessories this Christmas - but there is a big difference between styling and clutter. We meet many clients who have purchased the perfect bespoke sofa, rug, armchair or chandelier but can't work out why their home doesn't look like the magazines. So much of the time, this is due to poor accessory styling! Accessories are frequently vastly overlooked, but when properly styled can bring texture, intrigue and complexity to any design. So how do you ensure everything works together? Read on for our suggestions on how best to style your coffee table...

1. Use a tray. Trays are firstly a great and practical way to protect fragile coffee table surfaces from other accessories or general use. They also create a frame to collate a number of accessories, bringing them all together in a stylish way. Try using a tray as a base for a vase of flowers, sculptures, a diffuser, candles or coasters. Some of our favourites include the LuxDeco Oliver round tray, Aerin's Classic Shagreen tray or the Cooee by Nordic Nest.

2. Layer a selection of books. Coffee table books can be layered to create height, add colour and demonstrate your own hobbies and interests. Much like a tray they can also provide a frame for other items to be showcased, such as candles, diffusers and sculptures. Assouline has to be our favourite go to for coffee table books that are both inspiring and beautiful!

3. Don't shy away from texture and sculptural shapes. Vases and accessories can bring that added pop that any scheme needs to add interest and spark curiosity. Choose a vase that is like a sculpture in itself to give it a sense of purpose and tie into the overall scheme. Using dried flowers is a great way to keep the natural look, whilst avoiding the constant need to water - and they maintain their shape!

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