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Q Design House was launched with the understanding that the world of interior and architectural design can be an exceptionally daunting experience. For an individual or company embarking on the process, it can be one of the largest investments some make after the purchase of their property. Our goal is to cultivate an experience that ensures each of our clients feel at ease, stress-free, and most importantly, love the final result.

Our success is achieved through an engagement methodology that we have developed to help clients understand what they want and subtly incorporates touches of their personalities into the contemporary, homely and eclectic style that defines Q Design House. At the same time, we endeavour to apply an ethos of using and supporting companies with an ethical and sustainable mindset.

During our initial, free consultation we will never ask you to tell us what your style is, or ask you to define what you want - that is what we are here for! 


Our initial, free consultation is designed to help us understand your personality and needs, whilst helping you understand the art of the possible and find your design style. We will never ask you to tell us what that is - it's all part of the journey! 


Following a detailed brief, our creative team will produce a concept design, floor plans and spec details, incorporating your practical needs, desires and personality to bring your design to life. This will provide a fixed cost to deliver.


One of our unique specialties is our experience coordinating and overseeing large-scale, complex projects. We know efficiency and budget management is at the heart of any good installation to ensure our clients remain stress free! 


“We struggled speaking to other interior designers as we didn't know how to give them direction. Q Design House guided us through the process helping us discover what we wanted and created something truly stunning!"

George & Jennifer, Berkshire Home

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